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Maldives is glamorously a year round destination which is surrounded by the Indian Ocean. The Island nation is beautifully laid with quaint lagoons, soothing Coral Islands and white sand shining by the azure blue waves Maldives gives you a fascinating blend of landscapes, cultures and cuisines. The mesmerizing heavenly Coral Islands are one of the most beautiful set of islands in the world. It is also one of world’s top diving and snorkeling destinations which thrills tourists from all over the world.

Maldives is an ecstatic destination for a holiday. The supreme necklace islands gives other islands a run for their money as the breathtaking blend of coastal shrubs over serene waters glorifies the archipelagos beauty.

The atmosphere of the island nation is overwhelming for honeymooners, mirage for families and mecca for those who seek for adventure and water sports. The thrilling corals and exotic variety of aquatic animals comprise the marine life of Maldives. Breathe the serene air of Maldives and rejuvenate your senses with the lavish beauty and shimmering white sands.

Major Attractions

  • Leh Shanti Stupa
    Banana Reef

    It is one of the oldest dive sites in Maldives is internationally known. It is surrounded by one of the significantly charming caves, cliffs and coral rise. You can enjoy the sight of several species of fascinating fish, and other marine life like the Maldivian Grubfish, Squirrelfish and Soldier fish.

  • Nubra Valley
    Mirihi Islands

    One of the most popular tourist beaches in Maldives is a confined island which inherits its name from its local flower. Mirihi Island is splendid for honeymooners and peace seekers. Water bungalows are a huge attraction on the island.

  • Rafting
    Maldives National Museum

    The Maldives National Museum preserves well-kept Artefact’s of Maldivian culture including coins, royal antiques, furniture, items of clothing, ornaments and armaments. It is the perfect place for history lovers.

  • Sangam Valley

    The island of Kudahuvadoo has one of the most secretive embankments known as hawittas. The Island has an old mosque which is said to have some of the finest masonry.

  • Sangam Valley
    Grand Friday Mosque

    The grand Friday mosque is formally known as Masjid-al-Sultan Muhammad Thakurufaanu Al Auzam. It is the Islamic center with enunciated work of architecture. The mosque attracts several pilgrims as well as architecture lovers.

  • Leh Palace
    Nalaguraidhoo Beach

    The Nalaguraidhoo Beach is one of the most regularly visited beaches. The beach boasts of crystal clear pale-blue waters, shinning white sands and immaculate surroundings. The glamorous beauty of this beach will exemplify your imagination and is a must visit during your expedition to Maldives.

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The tour concludes bestowing upon you the memories of a lifetime you would cherish forever.


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